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Project Family Public Service Announcement

Department for Children and Families

About 1,200 children in Vermont, from infants to teens, currently live away from their families in foster care. These children and their families need caring people like you to help them through a difficult time.

You don't have to be married or rich to do your part; all kinds of people are needed.

By getting involved, you could make it possible for a local child to stay in his or her own community and school.

CHILD Are you gonna love me? CHILD Treat me good? CUT TO: A couple smile, nod. CHILD Make me brush my teeth? CUT TO: A single woman smiles, nods. CHILD I barf when I'm sick. Who's gonna clean that up? CUT TO: Two men. One points to the other. Back to the kids: CHILD I like to stay up all night. But if I'm gonna be healthy you have to make me go to bed by 9. Can you do that? CUT TO: A single man nods. Back to the kids: CHILD If I mess up will you send me back? Graphics: Project Family: foster and adoptive parents needed Project Family: it takes love and commitment Project Family: are you up for it? Project Family: for more information visit Cut back to the kids: CHILD I like macaroni and cheese. Thoughts?

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