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Project Family Public Service Announcement

Department for Children and Families

The Vermont Department for Children and Families joined with the Lund Family Center to create Project Family. Project Family is dedicated to finding parents for Vermont children in need and helping parents and children access the support and services they need.

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Child 1:

"Are you gonna love me?"

Child 2:

"Treat me good?"

Child 3:

"Make me brush my teeth?"


"You know, about 1200 children in Vermont, from infants to teens, currently live away from their families in foster care. They need loving caring people like you to help them through a difficult time."

Child 4:

"I like to stay up all night, but if I'm going to be healthy you have to make me go to bed by nine. Can you do that?"

Child 5:

"I barf when I'm sick. Who's going to clean that up?"


"These children have a lot in common. They all want someone who will care for them, accept them unconditionally, nurture them, and help them through hard times. They want someone they can depend on."

Child 6

"If I mess up, will you send me back?"


"There are many many ways that you can help, from a day to a lifetime. To learn more, go to"

Child 7:

"I like macaroni and cheese. Thoughts?"

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