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March 11, 2009

Vermont's trout season opens Saturday, April 11

WATERBURY, VT – Opening day of Vermont’s trout fishing season -- April 11 this year -- is big on tradition. It marks the beginning of another year of memorable angling experiences, alone, or with family or friends, at streamside, or on quiet lakes and ponds.

Early trout fishing provides a great reason to get outdoors, enjoy our warmer weather and try your luck at catching colorful brook, brown or rainbow trout as they become more active.

“This year’s trout season signals the start of another year of enjoyable fishing on Vermont streams and lakes,” said John Hall with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. “Although many lakes and ponds will still have ice, opportunities for good trout fishing will be available at inlets and outlets.”

“Stream fishing will be best where the current is slower,” he added. “Look for fish along the bottom in deep pools and behind large rocks. It takes more weight than normal to make a bait, lure or streamer fly bump along the bottom, but it's the most effective way to present your offering to trout in early spring.”

Experienced anglers say worms or nightcrawlers make excellent bait for trout that are often lethargic due to the cold water present in early April.

Anglers are reminded to use sinkers that are not made of lead. It is unlawful to use a lead sinker weighing one-half ounce or less while fishing in Vermont. Weighted fly line, lead-core line, downrigger cannonballs, weighted flies, lure, spoons, or jig heads are not prohibited.

Planning a Vermont spring trout fishing trip is easy. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department has a 2009 Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Trapping that includes maps showing lakes and streams as well as fishing access areas and public lands. It also lists the fish species found in each body of water and it includes fishing regulations. Copies are available where fishing licenses are sold, or from the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05671-0501. Tel. 802-241-3700. You also can download sections of the publication from their website (

The Vermont Outdoor Guides’ Association offers help in locating fishing guides and some overnight facilities on their website ( Additional help in finding a place to stay overnight can be found at (

Fishing license fees are $20.00 for adult residents, $8.00 for residents 15-17 years of age, $41.00 for adult nonresidents, and $15.00 for nonresidents 15-17 years old. One, three and seven day fishing licenses also are available for nonresidents. Children under age 15 do not need a fishing license in Vermont. Licenses are available at agents statewide and from Fish & Wildlife’s website.

“Although early trout fishing requires special tactics, Vermont’s long-standing tradition of getting out on opening day of trout season always tempts anglers who have been dreaming about the opportunity all winter,” added Hall. “They stand a good chance of catching fish that are becoming more active, and they will be able to test their equipment in preparation for even better fishing conditions coming in the weeks ahead.”

Source: Agency of Natural Resources
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