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November 05, 2008

Experts from Vermont, France and Quebec Featured at The Taste of Place Expo

Burlington, Vt – On Sunday, November 9th, three countries will come together at the University of Vermont to explore the culinary flavors that make them unique. The Taste of Place Expo in Waterman Hall will feature speakers from Vermont, France, and Canada, who are experts in developing foods that represent tastes unique to a particular region. Think of true Champagne from France or authentic Parmesan from Italy and then imagine the same international recognition for Vermont maple syrup and artisan cheeses.

The Taste of Place Expo will offer an introduction to how Vermont producers can capitalize on the growing interest in terroir or taste of place. This concept, strongly established in Europe, celebrates food with flavors and a history that cannot be replicated outside of their home region. Visitors to Vermont for the event include Francois Gauthier, Counsel General to France, Marion Zalay, Director of the French National Institute of Origin and Quality and Jason Baillargeon, a senior brand developer for Canada. The event will combine tastings and panel discussions that cover the topics of the French perspective on “taste of place,” culinary tourism in Quebec and maple flavor research in Vermont.

“There are so many unique, high quality Vermont products on the market. The Taste of Place Exposition will help us to tell the story of these foods to an international audience,” said Roger Allbee, Secretary of Agriculture and one of the event’s co-organizers.

Amy Trubek, Assistant Professor at UVM and author of The Taste of Place: A Cultural Journey Into Terroir, commented that Vermont has many things to learn from other countries like France and Quebec. “France’s food culture has long celebrated the importance of terrior, or taste of place, as seen in their place based quality labels which include financial and research support for small scale farmers, winemakers, cheesemakers and others,” said Trubek. “Quebec has launched exciting initiatives that similarly promote food and agriculture in the region.”

The United States might be a relative newcomer to linking taste and place so closely, but the potential for Vermont is very exciting. “Vermonters have already built a vibrant food culture based on taste of place – we have excellent farmers, cheesemakers, chefs and even winemakers as well as passionate consumers,” said Trubek. “We are poised to create a model for the rest of the United States.”

The Taste of Place Exposition is free and open to the public at UVM’s Waterman Hall, November 9 from 12:45 to 4:15. For more information contact Helen Labun Jordan at or 802-828-3828.

Source: Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets
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