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November 04, 2008


Montpelier, Vermont – The State of Vermont announced today that the Department of Public Service (DPS) will award $2.65 million from the Clean Energy Development Fund (CEDF) for renewable energy projects throughout the state. The goal of the CEDF is to increase the development and deployment of combined heat and power (CHP) technologies and renewable energy generation.

“The development of clean energy projects remains a key to Vermont’s energy future,” said David O’Brien, Commissioner of the Department of Public Service. “The Clean Energy Development Fund continues to prompt very creative and actionable ideas in new generation,” he said.

The DPS received 29 proposals seeking $3.8 million in funding, in response to the CEDF grant solicitation issued in August. Applicants submitted proposals for projects in the following categories: Pre-Project Financial Assistance, Small-Scale Systems, Large-Scale Systems, and Special Demonstration Projects. There was a maximum grant award of $25,000 for Pre-Project Financial Assistance, $60,000 for Small-Scale Systems, and $250,000 for all other projects.

The following projects were selected for grant awards:

Pre-Project Financial Assistance:

• Feasibility of Combined Heat & Power for the Windham Solid Waste Management District Office/Processing Building in Brattleboro, WSWMD

• Hydroelectric System Feasibility Study at the Airport Parkway Wastewater Treatment Facility, Hoyle, Tanner & Assoc.

• Digester Optimization & Co-Generation System Feasibility Evaluation at the Brattleboro Wastewater Treatment Facility, Hoyle, Tanner & Assoc.

• Ball Mountain Hydroelectric Project, Blue Heron Hydro, LLC

• Central Vermont Recovered Biomass Energy Facility, Vermont Environmental Consortium

Large-Scale Systems:

• Southern Vermont Health and Recreation Center Photovoltaic Project, SVHRC

• Co-Generation System Implementation at Green Mountain College, GMC

• Putney District Energy Project, Economic Development Group, Inc.

• Hildene’s Renewable Energy Project for Cheesemaking Facility, Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home

• Plainfield Batchelder Mill Dam, Town of Plainfield

• CVPS Solar Generation Project, CVPS

• Fillmore Farms Anaerobic Digester, Fillmore Farms, LLC

• The Gebbies’ Maplehurst Farm Anaerobic Digester, Gebbies’ Maplehurst Farm

• Dubois Farm Anaerobic Digester, Dubois Farm, Inc.

• Bolton Valley Resort Northwind 100 Project, Bolton Valley Resort, Redstone Commercial Development

• City of Barre Energy Recovery Project, City of Barre

Special Demonstration Projects:

• Neighborly Farms Anaerobic Digester, Neighborly Farms

“It is gratifying to see that Vermont companies are continuing to plan significant clean energy projects despite the current economic uncertainty,” said Lawrence Miller, Chair of the CEDF Investment Committee. “We now have a significant number of efforts in the pipeline with $10.5 million awarded for projects that have the potential to add 59 mW of new clean energy capacity to Vermont’s electric grid.”

The CEDF was established in 2005 through ACT 74 and is currently funded through proceeds to the state from Entergy. Additional information on the CEDF, including grant solicitation RFPs, the CEDF loan application, and the CEDF municipal technical assistance application, is available in the on the DPS website at:

Source: Department of Public Service
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