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November 21, 2017

State Game Wardens Conducting Roadside Checks

Drivers out and about in Vermont this fall may be stopped and checked by Vermont State Game Wardens. Wardens recently conducted such a routine hunting season check of motor vehicles on Sunday, November 19, in Bakersfield.

"We conducted this check to enforce hunting-related laws with the assistance of Vermont State Police to help enforce other laws," said Warden Major George Scribner.

Vehicles were stopped at the intersection of Route 108 and East Bakersfield Road in Bakersfield between 4:00 and 9:00 p.m. Wardens contacted more than 200 vehicles and inspected many firearms throughout the evening. Four loaded long guns, five drug possession violations, four alcohol-related offenses and six motor vehicle infractions were discovered.

A person convicted of having a loaded long gun in a motor vehicle is subject to a $435 fine and a one-year loss of their hunting, fishing and trapping privileges.

"We will conduct these checkpoints periodically throughout the fall," added Scribner. "Our goal is to heighten public awareness about warden presence during deer season in order to decrease violations."

Media Contact: Major George Scribner, 802-828-1529

Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
Last Updated at: November 21, 2017 14:56:56