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March 04, 2016

Secretary of State Jim Condos Wishes Vermont a Happy 225th Birthday!

Secretary of State Jim Condos would like to wish Vermont a Happy 225th Birthday. On March 4th, 1791, the 1st Federal Congress admitted Vermont into the Union, making Vermont the 14th state in the United States of America.

Vermont's history began before it officially became a state. The name Vermont was chosen in July 1777, at a convention of 72 representatives known as the "freemen of Vermont", who met in a tavern in Windsor, Vermont and adopted the state's earliest constitution. Innovative for its time, the 1777 Vermont Constitution was the first written constitution in all of North America. (The Articles of Confederation would not be drafted until November of 1777 and were not replaced by the United States Constitution until 1789).

Such innovation existed in Vermonters from the beginning and still thrives in Vermonters today.

To read the full article on the history of Vermont written by State Archivist Tanya Marshall, please follow the link:

We have a lot to celebrate as a state. Secretary of State Jim Condos and State Archivist Tanya Marshall would like Vermonters to help in commemorating this special birthday. Tweet your favorite Vermont facts, pictures, memories, or thoughts to #Vermont225th. The Vermont State Archives and Records Administration will be doing the same.

Happy 225th Birthday Vermont!

You can view a copy of the 1777 Vermont Constitution and the 1793 Vermont Constitution here:

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Source: Secretary of State
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