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September 25, 2014

Leashed Tracking Dogs for Recovery of Game

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is providing the following list of certified leashed tracking dog owners who will help locate deer, bear or moose that have been shot during hunting season but not yet recovered. The leashed tracking dog owners must pass an extensive exam administered by Fish & Wildlife in order to be certified and licensed to provide their services.

This list, which may be updated during hunting seasons, is available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website (

Vermontís two-part archery deer season dates are October 4-26 and December 6-14.

Tim Nichols (Granville, NY) 518-642-3012

Greg Ruetzler* (Warren, VT) 802-583-1339

Tom DiPietro (Jericho, VT) 802-899-4479

Christine DiPietro (Jericho, VT) 802-899-4479

Ben Broe (Jeffersonville, VT) 802-598-1235

Travis Nichols (Granville, NY) 518-642-3012, 518-932-6505

Kevin Shea (Shelburne, VT) 802-985-2887

Sally Marchmont (Fletcher, VT) 802-849-9304

Chris Peacock (Burlington, VT) 802-658-3423

Tom DiPietro Jr (Jericho, VT) 802-899-4479

Leon Provost Jr (Underhill, VT) 802-310-6210

Zack Hill (Essex Jct, VT) 802-578-3129

Marvin Ainsworth (St Johnsbury, VT) 802-748-8627

Laura Nichols (Granville, NY) 518-642-3012, 518-932-6506

Chris Knox (Northfield, VT) 802-279-4427, 802-283-4388

Jeremy OíNeil (Arlington, VT) 802-375-6718, 802-447-1732

Kelli Raymond (West Rupert, VT) 802-394-7862, 802-394-7820

Doug des Groseilliers (Hardwick, VT) 802-472-6177

Jeff Adams (Milton, VT) 802-893-4375, 802-324-6316

Daniel Myers (Troy, VT) 802-988-4370, 802-309-2504

Dennis Roberts (Troy, VT) 802-988-9632, 802-673-5061

Jess Monago (Burlington, VT) 607-765-0945

Ryan Lewis (East Fairfield, VT) 802-782-1167

*Semi-Active Trackers Calls will be taken at the Handlers discretion and at the availability of the handler.

Media Contact: Col. David LeCours 802-828-1529

Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
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