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September 22, 2014

Vermont Agencies Work Together to Promote Zero-Emission Vehicles

Today, Governor Peter Shumlin’s Climate Cabinet released the Vermont Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Action Plan. The Vermont Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Action Plan sets out tasks and timelines Agencies and Departments including Natural Resources, Transportation, Health, Public Service, and Buildings and General Services will take to promote electric vehicle deployment in Vermont.

The Vermont Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Action Plan is the product of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed with seven other governors to put 3.3 million ZEVs on the road by 2025. ZEVs include pure battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

“By working together across state government and with communities, municipalities, car dealers and manufacturers, Vermont can build on the growing consumer desire and acceptance of alternative fuel vehicles,” said Natural Resources Secretary and Climate Cabinet Chair Deb Markowitz.

“As the proud owner of a new battery electric vehicle I can say it is great not to have to buy gas any more,” Markowitz said.

The Vermont ZEV Action Plan complements the Multi-State ZEV Action Plan, which was released by the eight ZEV MOU states on May 29, 2014. Building off of the Multi-State ZEV Action Plan, the key actions in the Draft Vermont ZEV Action Plan cover three main areas:

? Build the market

? Provide consistent codes, standards and tracking

? Improve the experience

The Vermont ZEV Action Plan lists state-specific actions and strategies to grow the ZEV market in Vermont, identifies state leads for each action, and establishes timeframes for each action.

“The plan will help Vermont to meet its air quality, public health, and climate change goals, and will also provide numerous economic benefits,” said Markowitz. “In particular Vermonters will have more alternative fuel vehicles to choose from - making the benefits available to more families across the state.”

A copy of the Final Vermont ZEV Action Plan is available at:

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Source: Agency of Natural Resources
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