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September 18, 2013

Wetland Violations in South Hero Result in $9,000 Penalty And Require Restoration of the Damaged Wetland

The Department of Environmental Conservationís Compliance and Enforcement Division has settled an environmental violation involving Mitchel Richardson of South Hero. Mr. Richardson owns property in South Hero which includes a regulated Class II wetland. The settlement includes the payment of a $9,000.00 penalty and restoration of the damaged wetland.

In response to a citizenís complaint, Agency of Natural Resources staff initiated an investigation and determined that in 2010 and 2011 Mr. Richardson graded and filled a wetland and wetland buffer zone. Mr. Richardson did not have a permit allowing this wetland activity.

At the completion of the investigation Mr. Richardson was contacted to try to resolve the violation. When a settlement could not be reached an Administrative Order was filed in the Environmental Division seeking penalties and wetland restoration. Mr. Richardson appealed the Administrative Order. On the day prior to the start of the trial Mr. Richardson agreed to settle the violations. The settlement was adopted as an order by the Environmental Division. In the Court-approved settlement Mr. Richardson agrees to pay a $9,000.00 penalty, complete restoration of the wetland in accordance with an approved restoration plan, and monitor the wetland for invasive species for 5 years.

Contact: John Zaikowski, 802-522-5438,

Source: Agency of Natural Resources
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