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July 08, 2013

Homeruns at the Homestead: Coolidge Site to Host Presentation on Early Baseball’s Deadball Era

The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site will host a presentation about our national pastime on Saturday, July 13 at 2:00 p.m. Dick Leyden of South Hero, Vt. will discuss “Baseball in the Time of Grace,” detailing the “Deadball Era” – a style of play at the time when Grace Goodhue (later Mrs. Calvin Coolidge) was the official scorekeeper of the University of Vermont (UVM) baseball team. Leydon will cover the origin of UVM baseball and how Grace contributed to its organization, and the barnstorming clubs that UVM played, such as the Cuban X-Giants, an African American team, and the ongoing controversy of "professionalism" in college baseball programs.

The July 13 program complements this season’s exhibition at the Coolidge Site. “Rooting for the Home Team: Grace Coolidge and Our National Pastime,” features Roaring Twenties baseball memorabilia.

Autographed baseballs signed by some of the game’s legends, 14K gold season passes that admit “The President & Party,” and Art Deco pocketbooks containing American League passes (for Mrs. Coolidge) are on display. To enhance the presidential items, several institutions and private collectors have loaned early uniforms, bats, gloves, broadsides, and photographs. All these components have been united into a visually dynamic exhibit by Chuck Gibson Design of Hanover, NH.

A long time member of Society for American Baseball Research, Gardner-Waterman chapter, Dick Leyden has contributed to three landmark publications: “Green Mountain Boys of Summer, Vermonters in the Major Leagues 1882-1993,” “Deadball Stars of the National League,” and “The Northern Game and Beyond, Baseball in New England and Eastern Canada.” Leyden also creates historical paintings of the places and people he has researched and will use two of these paintings to illustrate his presentation.

The President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site is open daily from 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. to October 20. For further information, call the President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site, 802-672-3773, or visit Be part of the conversation and join the Vermont State Historic Sites on Facebook.

Contact: William W. Jenney, Regional Historic Site Administrator, 802-672-3773;;

Source: Agency of Commerce and Community Development
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