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July 03, 2013

Health Department Reminds Vermonters to Celebrate July 4 Safely

The Health Department is reminding everyone to be careful and avoid injuries as the rockets’ red glare and fireworks burst into air in towns throughout Vermont.

The State of Vermont has prohibited the use of dangerous fireworks for more than 50 years, and all fireworks, not including sparklers and novelty sparkling items, are illegal in Vermont except for permitted, supervised, public displays.

Fireworks are unpredictable and are capable of causing devastating injuries. Firecrackers, bottle rockets, and other illegal fireworks are especially dangerous to children.

Approximately half of all people injured by fireworks in the U.S. are children ages 14 years and younger. Sparklers are legal but not safe, the sticks burn at a high temperature (as hot as 1800 to 3000° F, equivalent to a blowtorch) and can ignite clothing and can cause severe burns to the hands and face.

Make sure that everyone who uses sparklers and novelty items such as snakes, party poppers, glow worms, smoke devices, string poppers, and snappers can handle them in a safe and responsible manner.

If using sparklers, keep a bucket of water or a garden hose nearby in case of unexpected fires. Also, adults should closely supervise children of all ages. Even older children and teens can get excited when playing with sparklers and forget to handle them safely.

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Source: Department of Health
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