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January 31, 2013

Flash Flooding in Areas of Vermont Likely

The National Weather Service has issued a number of Flood and Flash Flood Warnings and Watches for areas of Vermont today. Ice jams are causing some rivers to rise and more ice jams could form this afternoon.

A number of areas have reported formed or possible ice jams. Local officials are watching the jams and river levels and will advise residents to evacuate if needed. Monitor radio, television, and internet resources for weather and evacuation warnings.

Those who are near waterways or in low-lying areas should also monitor river levels, keeping in mind water can rise quickly if an ice jam clogs the riverbed. If water begins to rise seek higher ground immediately.

Various local and state roads have closed due to high water. Please respect all detours and never drive across a flooded road.

The National Weather Service web site has a current graphic listing of the areas currently most susceptible to flooding and flash flooding:

The Vermont Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, and the National Weather Service recommend the following if you ever encounter flood waters:

Flood preparation tips:

• Never drive or walk through floodwaters. Unseen washouts or unexpectedly fast running water can carry away an automobile. Floodwaters also often contain contaminants like wastewater, fuel, or other harmful liquids and solids so stay away if you can.

• Monitor radio, television, and newspapers as well as web sites for flood warnings.

• Move any vehicles or equipment like lawn mowers or tractors to higher ground. Flooded vehicles pollute the water with fuel.

• If you do evacuate your home, turn off your circuit breaker before you leave and have your home’s electrical system inspected by a professional before you return.

For more information on flood preparation you can visit or

Also visit:

Road conditions:

Resource needs: or call 211.

Source: Department of Public Safety
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