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October 12, 2012

Vermont’s Mentored Hunting License – A Learning Opportunity

Vermont now offers anyone an easy way to learn about hunting by purchasing a “mentored hunting license” and going hunting with an experienced licensed hunter.

Mentored hunting licenses are available from the Fish & Wildlife Department and their website ( for residents or nonresidents who have never successfully completed a hunter safety course, or who have never held a hunting license in Vermont or any state or province. And, the license fee makes it attractive. It’s $10 for everyone.

“Our mentored hunting license gives a person the opportunity to learn about hunting by going out with an experienced hunter who can teach them how to enjoy hunting safely and ethically,” said Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s Hunter Education Coordinator Chris Saunders.

A person issued a mentored hunting license may hunt when accompanied by an adult 21 or older who holds a valid Vermont hunting license. The term “accompanied” means that the mentored hunter is in the direct control and supervision of the adult hunter and is within 15 feet of the adult hunter. A parent or legal guardian must sign the license if the applicant is 15 years old or younger.

The fully licensed adult hunter may take afield only one person at a time that holds a mentored hunting license and must sign and date the mentored hunting license at the time of the hunt.

A person holding a mentored hunting license is subject to the bag limit of the adult accompanying hunter. When a deer, bear or turkey is taken by a person holding a mentored hunting license, it must be tagged with a tag from the license of the adult accompanying hunter and it is considered taken by the adult.

After tagging and reporting a deer, bear or turkey, a person who holds a mentored hunting license may transport it unaccompanied by the adult hunter.

There are limitations on a person who holds a mentored hunting license.

• A person who holds a mentored hunting license is not eligible to hold a moose permit or accompany moose hunters or participate in youth deer or youth turkey hunting weekends.

• A person who holds a mentored hunting license who is 16 or older is required to purchase and carry a federal duck stamp in order to hunt waterfowl.

• A mentored hunting license is available for purchase twice in a person’s lifetime.

Penalties for Violations

Fines for a violation of any fish and wildlife law while hunting with a mentored hunting license are doubled and assessed against the accompanying adult hunter. Violation points will be assessed against the fully licensed adult hunter.

Source: Department of Fish and Wildlife
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