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February 06, 2012

Gov. Shumlin Applauds Komen Decision to Restore Funding for Planned Parenthood

Gov. Shumlin on Planned Parenthood funding:

“I am pleased that supporters of women’s health programs across the country joined together to convince the Susan. B. Komen for the Cure Foundation to reverse its misguided cuts to Planned Parenthood. The Foundation and Planned Parenthood have traditionally been solid partners in ensuring women have affordable access to health care services, including breast cancer screening. It was unfortunate the Komen Foundation jeopardized that important relationship by bowing to political pressure and voting to cut the Planned Parenthood funds. The outrage to that decision expressed from Vermont to California illustrates the strong support for Planned Parenthood and its dedication to women’s health care. ”

Source: Office of the Governor
Last Updated at: February 06, 2012 16:45:54