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September 16, 2011

Vermont Posts “Open for Business” Road Map

As more roads and bridges are reopened across Vermont, an integrated, online map showing road status, attractions, resorts, and the state’s information center locations has been prepared by the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing in collaboration with partner organizations, Vermont Agency of Transportation (AOT), Ski Vermont, the Vermont Attractions Association, and the Vermont Information Centers Division.

“With the foliage season approaching, we felt it will be most helpful to visitors and tour operators to have all the essential information available on one map. It can be readily linked from and, we expect, from the websites of our partners,” said Tourism Commissioner Megan Smith.

“At the same time, we want to remind all travelers, that as roads re-open and you can get here from there, you may still encounter occasional delays where work continues,” she added. Officials caution that drivers must be alert to changeable conditions and surfaces on many of the affected roads, and to heed all signage and special markings.

The “Open for Business” map is based on the frequently updated Google map prepared by the Vermont AOT. It includes overlays provided by the Vermont Attractions Association, Ski Vermont, and the Information Centers.

The map is interactive, allowing users to select the information to be displayed. It also provides links to other travel planning resources. An overlay about the condition of town roads is being developed, but does not yet include reports from all of the affected towns.

Source: Department of Tourism and Marketing
Last Updated at: September 16, 2011 16:36:48