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May 25, 2011

Volunteer Help Available for Flood Cleanup

In the coming weeks the Vermont chapter of the organization known as Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) will be fanning out to flooded areas to help homeowners in flood recovery.

VOAD is a national organization whose purpose it is to assist homeowners after a disaster at no cost. This assistance comes through trained and certified volunteers who not only provide labor to remove mud from any level of the home; remove and sort both regular and hazardous debris; remove effected sheet rock and insulation; but also lend expertise at mold and mildew reduction or elimination.

It is extremely important for property owners of flooded homes or buildings to understand the dangers of mold and mildew after a flood. It will become hazardous unless dealt with by very specific methods. Homeowners many times believe mopping up and running a dehumidifier is all that is necessary and weeks later find the presence of mold and mildew. Help and information is available through VOAD organizations to do this safely and properly. For more information on mildew remediation please visit

VOAD has been working over the past few weeks gathering and assessing information in order to prioritize areas that have the greatest need. If you have already called 2-1-1 to report damage, VOAD has your information so there is no need to report that damage again. Priority will be given to those most in need as determined by VOAD.

Homeowners are being contacted by phone to follow up their calls to 211 for assistance. Appointments will be made with assessors who will come to the home and then assign work crews according to need.

For more information on VOAD please visit .

Media questions for VOAD can be directed to

Bill Elwell - VT Voad President& United Methodist Committee on Relief District Coordinator 802-349-3028

Tim Buehner - Southern Baptist Disaster Relief PIO 401-527-2553

Source: Vermont Emergency Management
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