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May 12, 2011

Secretary of State Jim Condos Applauds the 100th year Celebration of the Vermont State Board of Nursing!

100 years ago, the Vermont legislature passed the “Nurse Registration Law” in an effort to set standards for the nursing profession in Vermont. Since that time, in response to increased expectations from the public and monumental changes in healthcare and the nursing profession, there have been many revisions and additions to the statutes and Administrative Rules.

Secretary of State Jim Condos will be participating in a celebration with Governor Peter Shumlin at Central Vermont Hospital on Thursday, May 12th to mark this important milestone.

“The nursing profession has a long and impressive history in the State of Vermont, providing significant contributions to the health and well being of its citizens. Through the Office of Professional Regulation, we provide oversight for this admirable profession, and I am proud to say that our nursing workforce is comprised of dedicated, highly skilled professionals committed to meeting the high standards of excellence set by the Board of Nursing” remarked Condos.

Vermont has had many active nursing organizations over the years to assist in providing the best nursing care to Vermonters. These various boards allowed the profession to stay abreast of evolving best practices and advancements in the field.

The 1910-1920 era saw the Vermont League of Nursing Education and the Red Cross Nursing Service. And today, we have the following organizations: the Vermont State Nurses Association, the Vermont Nurse Practitioner Association, the Vermont Organization of Nurse Leaders and the State Board of Registration of Nurses which has evolved into the Vermont State Board of Nursing.

Condos states, “I am thrilled to join the Governor and others as we celebrate the dedicated group of women and men, who provide such important contributions to our State and the Board that sets the standards by which they operate.”

Jim Condos is Vermont’s Secretary of State, after serving eight years as a Vermont State Senator, 18 years in local government and 30+ years of private sector business experience.

Source: Secretary of State
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