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February 04, 2010

Governor Douglas Discusses Energy Issues with President Obama

Washington D.C. – Governor Jim Douglas today met with 10 other Governors, Cabinet members and high ranking Administration officials to discuss energy policy with President Obama and Vice President Biden. The President and Governor Douglas agreed that a non-ideological, bipartisan approach is necessary to confront the nation’s energy challenges and investments in biofuels, biomass, hydroelectric, nuclear and other clean forms of power, as well as investments for efficiency will be critical to the America’s energy future.

“I appreciate the opportunity to talk with the President on these important issues,” the Governor said. “As Washington debates our national energy policy, Vermont’s lessons and achievements must be part of that dialogue. From in-state efficiency measures to our regional partnerships, like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, Vermont is confronting the challenges of energy independence and climate change on many fronts.”

Vermont is among the leaders nationally in the level of carbon emitted from electric generation. Governor Douglas was the first governor to sign onto the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Vermont was a pioneer with the first statewide energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, and currently spends more per capita on energy efficiency measures than any other state.

Governor Douglas also spoke today of the need to protect consumers and the economy as national energy policies evolves. He also encouraged federal policy makers to adopt a non-carbon focused policy that embraces all forms of non-carbon power, including large hydro – affording consumers a wide array of choices and allowing utilities to access resources that ensure a reliable grid.

“I often talked about the fact the Vermont has more methane digesters per capita – a fact we are proud of,” said the Governor. “Combining small scale renewable sources with large scale renewable resources, like hydro power, is critical to maintaining low carbon emission in Vermont.”

The Governor also noted in the meeting how investments in Smart Grid technology will further efficiency efforts already underway and help Vermont transition to new environmentally-friendly technologies. Vermont recently received a nearly $70 million Department of Energy grant, which is in addition to nearly $70 million invested by Vermont utilities, to build-out a statewide Smart Grid.

“Transportation remains the largest source of emissions in our state,” the Governor noted. “A smart grid will not only help Vermonters and Vermont businesses save money by using energy more efficiently, it is a critical component of transitioning to next generation technologies, such as electric cars.”

Source: Office of the Governor
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